United Kingdom at a glance

Capital: London pop. 8,308,369 (2012)
Largest City: London pop. 8,308,369 (2012)
Official Language: English
Recognised regional languages: Irish Scottish Gaelic Scots Ulster-Scots Welsh Cornish
Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy with federal elements
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister: Theresa May MP
Legislature: Parliament
- Upper house: House of Lords
- Lower house: House of Commons
Formation Acts
- Acts of Union 1707 1 May 1707
- Acts of Union 1800 1 January 1801
- Anglo-Irish Treaty 6 December 1922
Date of admission into UN: 24 October 1945
Date of admission into EU: 1 January 1973
[The British government led by David Cameron on 23 June 2016 held a referendum on its membership of the European Union, also known as the "Brexit" referendum, and a majority voted to leave the European Union. On 29 March 2017, Theresa May's administration invoked Article 50 (that sets out the process by which member states may withdraw from the European Union) of the Treaty on the European Union in a letter to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk. The UK is set to leave by March 2019.]
Total Surface Area UK: 243,610 km2 (80th) - 94,060 sq mi
Total Water Area UK: 1.34 %
UK Population: 63,181,775 [2011 Census] (22nd in the world)
Density: 255.6/km2 (51st) - 661.9/sq mi
Currency: Pound sterling (GBP)
British Ethnic groups (2001): 92.1% White
4.0% South Asian
2.0% Black
1.2% Mixed
0.4% Chinese
0.4% other

GDP (PPP) 2012 estimate:
- Total $2.316 trillion (8th)
- Per capita $36,728

GDP (nominal) 2012 estimate:
- Total $2.434 trillion (6th)
- Per capita $38,591

Gini Coefficient (2008–2009) 41-medium
Human Development Index (2013) 0.875-very high (26th)
Time zone: GMT (UTC+0) - Summer (DST) BST (UTC+1)
Date format: dd/mm/yyyy (AD)
Drives on the: left
Calling code: +44
ISO 3166 code: GB
Internet TLD: .uk
Anthem: God Save the Queen
Motto: "Dieu et mon droit" ("God and my right")
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